How I Spent My Winter Vacation Essay 200 Words

How I Spent My Winter Vacation Essay

Winter is my favorite season for some interesting reasons. Winter holidays are one of them. These holidays are very interesting. Most of the time during this winter break we are busy studying for the upcoming final exam.

Today I am going to share my winter vacation experience which I did during my last winter vacation. I kept a very strict routine to prepare for my next exam. My mother helped me a lot in this. He helped me create my own routine and guided me to follow it properly.

At that time we went to one of my uncle’s house in our city. It takes only half an hour to get there. I have a few cousins. They have an incredibly friendly nature. From there we all went to my grandmother’s house, who lived with another uncle.

We had a family reunion. It was absolutely amazing for us. Uncle and aunt were very happy to see us all. We used to play and eat together in the afternoon. Dadi shared some of her interesting stories with us. We love her stories whenever we go with her, we make her tell stories. Overall it was a good vacation.

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