A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Aim in Life

Every student studies for a better future. They work hard to make a bright future. They have some aims in their life. Today, I am going to “A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Aim in Life” in which two friends talk about their future aim in life after study.

Dialogue Between You and Your Friend About Your Aim in Life:

Sajid: Hello Asaim, how are you?
Asim: I am fine, thank you, what about you?
Sajid: I am fine too, So what do you think about the future after FSC?
Asim: I’ll try to get admission to medical college and will become a doctor. What is your future goal?

Sajid: I’ll try to be a teacher but why do you want to be a doctor?
Asim: It’s a noble profession. I have a desire to build up a hospital in my village.
Sajid: That’s good. I’ll teach my students to serve my country.
Asim: Actually the villagers are not able to get better treatment facilities. They have to go far away for treatment. So I’ll serve them in my own village.

Sajid: Very wise decision. I think you are a man of great humanity.
Asim: Don’t say that. You are also thinking about a noble profession. A teacher is one who builds the nations.
Sajid: Yes, of course. Actually, money is not everything. We need to be mentally satisfied. That’s why I aim to become a teacher.

Asim: That’s fine. I pray for your success.
Sajid: Thank you. I also hope that you will reach your goal successfully.
Asim: Thank you to take care 
Sajid: Best of luck my dear friend. bye.
Asim: Okay bye.

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