Health and Hygiene Essay in English – Simple & Easy Words

Health and Hygiene Essay

What is health?
Health, as scientists define, is a state of complete physical and mental well-being. A healthy person is one whose mind and body are perfectly fit. Every day we eat different types of food. Food is essential for all living things. We all start the day with a good breakfast and eat at least two other big meals a day: lunch and dinner.

A balanced diet:

When we eat, we are not just taking a portion of the food. What we eat is food that contains a small portion of all the components that are necessary for us and perform various functions for our body.

Ingredients for a healthy and balanced diet:

The fat
fiber (forage)
water (liquid)

Eating a balanced diet ensures proper growth and development of our body, gives us energy and also protects us from diseases, as it contains all the components of the aforementioned diet.

Eating alone will not keep us healthy. Let’s imagine that we eat all day long without any physical activity like running, walking, swimming, cycling etc. Our body will slow down and our growth will be affected. So just as it is important to eat healthily and the right kind of food, it is also important to exercise to digest the food we have eaten.

Regular exercise improves blood circulation in our bodies.
Yoga is an ancient system of exercise practiced in India. It keeps us calm and keeps many diseases at bay.
Play outdoor games like football, basketball, cricket, etc. Exercise is also considered.

What is hygiene?

Hygiene is nothing but maintaining cleanliness through good habits and habits. Good hygiene prevents the spread of various diseases.

Measures to maintain good hygiene:

  • Bathe daily. Dust particles stick to our bodies when we play or sweat. These dust particles attract disease-causing germs. Bathing daily keeps these germs away.
  • Wash your hands before and after each meal. When we play, germs from dirt and mud are transferred to our hands and enter our bodies causing disease. Take care of our teeth by brushing twice a day and flossing regularly to remove food particles that get stuck between our teeth and are difficult to remove.
  • Trim nails regularly.
  • Keep hair clean and free of lice.
  • Take care of your eyes and ears. Avoid reading in poor light and wash your eyes regularly with cold water.
  • Always keep your environment clean. Dispose of garbage in buckets, and do not collect water in drums and buckets, as water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes that can carry diseases. A fruit salad recipe can be added.

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