Essay on Population in English for Students

Population Essay in English

The word “population” refers to the total number of animals living in a particular area. Population growth is the biggest concern in our country and many other countries. As of April 2019, the world’s population is 7.7 billion and it is growing at a high rate.

1,300 million population, making us the second most populous country in the world, followed by China with 1,410 million inhabitants. The population is more visible in cities than in rural areas. The world’s population continues to grow at an annual rate of 1%.

The country’s population affects growth and development. Development affects the habitat of animals and other species, as it leads to deforestation to build houses, industries and forest resources.

Population growth indirectly increases pollution, as an increase in the number of people leads to industrial development, which in turn increases pollution. It also increases criminal activity as it will reduce employment and resources. And there will be food shortages in the country.

This indirectly leads to poverty in the country or region, as it reduces the per capita income of the area. The minimum age for marriage or proper family planning, free education, population awareness and women empowerment are some of the ways to control the population.

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