Essay on Value of Time in English

Essay on Value of Time

Time plays an important role in human life. One who understands the value of time and makes good use of it moves forward. But on the other hand, those who ignore the value of time or misuse it are the ones who fail in life.

Time is precious to all of us. Time is more valuable than money because if money is spent it can be returned but if we waste time we cannot return it. So we should never waste time. We must use our time wisely in a positive way.

Time is of the essence for students. They must use their precious time wisely. Students who use their time wisely will be great people in the future. They should work as usual and spend their precious time accordingly. Teachers should teach students the value of time.

Our life is very short. We have a lot of work to do in a limited amount of time. So we must use our time wisely. Time is man’s friend. But the man who does not give value to time, time also doesn’t give value to him. The value of time in our lives is enormous and vast.

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