Essay on Google in English for Students

Essay on Google

Google is a global search engine optimizer that has turned the world upside down. The word Google comes from the mathematical term Googol. This means the value that represents 100 zeros one after the other. Sundar Pachai is the current CEO of Google since 2015.

Google was created by Larry Page and Sergey Byrne. It was Stanford Dropout who founded Google as part of Google to offer targeted search results to its users. Google is the largest online search engine optimizer with 380 million users worldwide and offers information in 149 different languages.

When Google entered the global market, Yahoo was the most used search engine optimizer. In a short time, Google surpassed Yahoo and other optimizers and became the best search engine optimizer.

While Yahoo and Microsoft invest in search engine technology within the market, Google maintains an oligopolistic industry. With Optimizer, Google has a hard time managing and maintaining its wide range of users.

In addition to search engine optimization, Google offers other features such as online advertising, hardware and software products, operating systems, online business, and improved home and mobile segments.
In this way, Google has transformed the world into a fast-paced arena with access to comprehensive information from nearly 8 billion web pages.

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