Science in Everyday Life Essay for Students in English

Science in Everyday Life Essay

We live in the age of science. We can see the wonders of science all around us. Science has made our lives easier and more comfortable. We can’t think of our modern life without science.

The first marvel of modern science is the discovery of electricity. It has changed our society and our culture. Radios, televisions, lights, fans, factories and refrigerators operate on electricity.

Science has made our conversations easier and shorter. There are ships, trains, buses, cars, etc. on the seas, rivers and roads. These are all gifts of science. Telephone, fax and wireless technology are also important means of communication.

Trains, steamships, planes, and buses make communication easier. Science has defeated diseases by inventing various medicines, X-rays, microscopes etc. We cannot think of human life without science. But we must use it wisely.

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