Computer Essay in English for Students

Computer Essay in English

A computer is an electronic device used to perform complex calculations and perform many tasks that are not only difficult but also impossible for the human mind to perform effectively. The computer is one of the best inventions of modern technology. The first computer was mechanical and was made by Charles Babbage.

The four basic components of a computer are the CPU (Central Processing Unit Monitor), the keyboard and the mouse. The CPU is called the computer brain that processes all tasks. A monitor is a computer output device that displays results. Keyboard and pointing devices are mouse input devices used to issue commands.

In computers, only input and output devices do not work. It consists of a control and math unit and a memory unit that stores data. Some other peripheral devices such as printers, speakers and cameras may be connected to it. These are all output devices.

Computers play an important role in our lives in this digital world. It has made our job easier. It saves us time and reduces our efforts. Computers are used in offices, banks, hospitals, railway stations, defense, educational institutions, etc. Computers are used to enter and store information.

Computers are also used for entertainment such as computer games, watching and listening to music. Students can use it for their studies. This helps them to submit their assignments and learn about different subjects. Computer science is a wonderful gift that man has created to help mankind.

Laptops and desktop computers are the forms that dominate the world today and have certainly changed people’s lifestyles and the state of developing countries.

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