Climate Change Essay for Students in English

Climate Change Essay


Climate change refers to a major change in the weather conditions on Earth. Many factors have contributed to this change over the centuries. However, in recent years, climate change has been the result of human activity. Human activities have had a profound effect on climate change. These activities have caused pollution and have had a huge negative impact on the environment.

The following factors are the causes of climate change.

Solar radiation:

The energy released by the sun reaches the earth and then is carried by the winds to different parts of the world and the sea is a major cause of climate change.

Human activities:

The use of new technologies is increasing the rate of carbon emissions on Earth and is thus having a negative impact on the environment. In addition, orbital changes, plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions can also cause climate change.

The Effects of Climate Change:

Impacts on Forests and Wildlife:

Large changes in climatic conditions have wiped out the entire plant and animal populations, and many other populations are on the verge of extinction. In some areas, some types of trees have become largely extinct and the area under forests is shrinking.

Adverse effects on water:

Climate change is having a negative impact on the water system. As a result, glaciers are melting and it is raining regularly and the nature of rain is deteriorating. All of these conditions are exacerbating the imbalance in the environment.


The issue of climate change needs to be taken seriously and it is important to control the human activities that are affecting the environment and causing environmental degradation.

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