Essay on Books in English for Students

Essay on Books

Books are said to be man’s best friend. They are very useful for mankind. Books are the ones that give us the most knowledge. Reading books strengthens our minds and broadens our thinking. Books are available on various topics such as literature, philosophy, science, history, food, culture and much more.

They are used to store information and knowledge that can be passed on to many generations. Different people read different types of books according to their interests. Children mostly like to read story books and comics, adults can be seen reading part-time novels. Older people prefer to read religious books.

In this fast-paced world, we can’t find time for ourselves. Books give us a lot of joy. By reading books we just get involved in it and for a while, we forget the bitter fruit of the outside world. Books are our true friends. They do not demand from us and do not leave us alone. Reading good books is a good hobby for everyone and we should all spend some time with books for our own betterment.

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