Corruption Essay in English for Students

Below I have written “Corruption Essay” in English for Students. It is a very easy to understand and remember essay on corruption.

Corruption Essay

What is Corruption

Corruption is the misuse of natural or public resources and the use of force by anyone for personal gain. Corruption is spreading like a disease not only in the country but all over the world.

Effects of Corruption

It affects the development and growth of the country in all aspects socially, economically and politically. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. Corruption is rampant in hospitals, education, jobs, sports, government, offices, etc., everything has wrongly become a source of business and wealth.

Everyone wants to make money through hook or crotch. Now the situation is getting worse and worse. You used to get paid for doing the wrong thing, but now you have to get paid for doing the right thing.

Reason of Corruption:

The reason of the corruption are below;

  • The biggest cause of corruption is greed for money. The thirst for more money in less time leads people astray and becomes corrupt.
  • Most people bribe officers to speed up their work.
  • Low wages are also a cause of corruption because government employees are paid less than private-sector employees, so they look for the wrong ways to make extra money.
  • Many corrupt politicians are investing their money illegally or using black money to launder someone’s business.
  • Other causes of corruption include illiteracy, poverty and misleading economic policies. Lack of social and economic justice is also a cause of corruption.

Prevention of Corruption:

To prevent corruption in our country: the following steps should be taken;

  • Install CCTV cameras in the workplace. The perpetrators should be severely punished. People can take the initiative to record the corruption around them on their mobile phones and share it with their nearest police station.
  • We must always take responsibility for doing the right thing in order to do our job and not engage in bribery to work fast.
  • The government should take appropriate steps to reduce inflation. Due to rising prices, many people feel that their income is low and their purchasing power is low, which is why they are involved in corruption. Therefore, the government should adjust the salaries of the employees according to the current inflation.
  • It is our responsibility to vote wisely. We must all pledge that we will not vote for someone with bad intentions and criminal background.
  • The government will have to make policies to ensure that every child in the country goes to school and gets a proper education. Political parties, NGOs and national media should take the necessary steps to eradicate corruption from our country.


Corruption is a great evil in society. This is the root of other serious problems in our country. This evil should be eradicated from society. We can fight corruption if we are united or committed against corruption.

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