College Life Essay for Students in English

College Life Essay

College life is very different from school life. The school has its own rules. College life is not as hard as school. When I passed school, my father admitted me to a famous college in the city.

In college, we are self-disciplined. Each student is responsible for his own results. In college, professors teach classes and recommend group study. Even the weakest students get a chance to advance.

College life is also important because in college we get sincere friends who support us throughout life. College life is a life of freedom which is very different from school life.

At college, we have the opportunity to study on our own and in a group. College life is a life where you can build your future. There is an opportunity to gain a personality. In college, you can go on trips around the country. On the other hand, School visits are limited to nearby towns.

A college has several sections of the same class. You can take your relevant book class in your desired section. In short, college life is very different from school life. College life can make or break your future. I still remember my college life.

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