Charity Begins At Home Essay for Students and Children

Charity Begins At Home Essay

Charity is a noble act and giving charity is definitely the duty of everyone. All our holy books encourage their followers to help the poor and needy. Sharing surplus wealth and helping the most underprivileged promotes full social integration.

As there is a famous saying, “Charity Begins at Home”. Before helping others, we must ensure that we do not neglect our dependents at home. A kind gesture of sharing would be more appropriate if it started at home.

Many times we wish to have organizations support different causes with great passion. Although this is a very charitable and fair trait. But it is not fair if we do not first help our family members who are living in the worst conditions.

We should look around us for all the people we can directly help and improve their lives. It is indeed good if we donate to a cause that provides education to underprivileged girls. But what if we neglect the education of the working girl in our house?

It is our duty to help people in our care and improve their general living conditions before sharing our surplus wealth with others. Therefore, it is important to understand that charity begins at home. Before pleading the cause of others, we must ensure that those around us and our families are not neglected and their needs are taken care of.

If we live with our grandparents, who are old and frail, we must first work to make them feel loved and provide for all their needs in terms of medicine, work, food and a daily dose of love.

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