Essay on money for Students and Children

Essay on money

Money is an economic unit, widely accepted and used in the transaction of goods and services. Money is very important for survival in today’s competitive world. In ancient times, gold, silver coins etc. were used as money.

Before that, there was the barter system, in which people exchanged goods and services for other goods and services. Today we use bills and coins as money. We all need money to live a decent social life. We need money to buy food, clothes and other basic products.

We also need money for health, education and entertainment. Everyone tries to make money through business, services etc, to meet the demands of modern times.

It is said that money cannot bring all happiness, but can we be happy without money? Many people play a big role in today’s world and we definitely need some money to be happy. When a person has money, he has fewer financial problems.

We can help other people and do charity work with money. The cost of wealth increases day by day as does the cost of living. Some people believe that money is necessary to meet the basic needs of life, while some people want money for the luxuries of life.

Some people make money the right way, while others do it illegally, like bribery, theft, etc. Money earned in the wrong ways cannot last long. Even if money is important and necessary, it is not acceptable to earn it wrongly.

Money is essential in everyone’s life. We all have equal opportunities to earn money. Hard work and determination can earn us all enough money.

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