A Rainstorm Essay in English

A Rainstorm Essay

A rainstorm usually comes after a hot and humid day. It gives a sigh of relief to all living creatures of Allah Almighty. Even the earth after hot weather quenches its thirst and green and lovely grass grows on it. It was late August last year. The sun had blazed for over a week and everything on earth burnt like fire.

Human beings, animals, birds, insects as well as trees and plants were all losing their resistance to extremely unbearable hot weather conditions. But one day Allah Almighty took pity on His creatures. After the hot day, dark and thick clouds suddenly covered the whole sky.

A very weak breeze began to blow which gradually turned into a very strong storm and shook the trees. Even some trees could not with-held the pressure and fell down. The window panes of many houses were broken. The doors smashed and closed with a big noise. Everybody was running about here and there to save himself from the severe dust storm.

The storm took away many clothes which were put in the sun for drying. After the storm, the torrential rain brought a pleasant change in the weather. It rained continuously for four hours and ended the long dry spell. Though the low-lying areas were inundated but everybody welcomed the change in the weather which has almost paralyzed life. 

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