My Best Friend Essay in English

My Best Friend Essay


Friendship is one of the most precious gifts from God. We make a lot of friends but we also have a special friend in our life. I am very lucky to have a true friend. Saad is my best friend. He is my classmate He has been my best friend since my childhood.

Qualities of My Best Friend:

His qualities inspire me to be like him. He is a very kind and caring man not only to humans but also to animals and other creatures. Saad believes in high character and discipline. He respects all his teachers, parents and elders. He is very pure in her dress, speech and habits.

Activities of My Best Friend::

He is regular and punctual. He always helps his classmates. He is very good at his studies. He is also a good cricketer. He is the captain of the school cricket team. He is also a good speaker.

He participates in discussions, paper reading competitions and other extracurricular activities. He is noble and well-disciplined. He never lies. He always keeps himself away from the company of bad people.


I consider myself lucky that a person like Saad is my best friend. He is a great source of inspiration and strength for me. I want our friendship to last forever because it is very difficult to find real friends.

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