My School Essay for 10th Class –

My School Essay

I study in the Muslim High School. It is situated outside the city. Its building is ‘S shape. It has two storeys. There are about forty rooms in it. All the rooms are clean and airy. The rooms are whitewashed. Every classroom has two fans. It has a big hall.

Meetings and examinations are held in it. My school has a library. We read newspapers and magazines there. We can have books for a week. There is a science laboratory in it. There is a drawing room in it. There are two playgrounds in my school.

The plot attached to the school is very beautiful. It has green grass and fragrant flowers in it. Forty teachers work in my school. All of them are hard-working. The headmaster is a very able and experienced person. My school shows 100% results every year. I am proud of my school. 

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