Women Empowerment Essay for Students in English

Women Empowerment Essay

Women empowerment is empowering women to make their own decisions for their personal and social life. Women empowerment means encouraging women to be self-confident and independent, respecting them, building their confidence to cope with any difficult situation, and engaging in active activities and various social activities.

Women should be encouraged to take steps for political development. In ancient times, women were treated very badly. They were not educated for family and society and were confined to household chores. They were kept completely unaware of their rights and development. Women are half of the country, so to make the country a powerful country, Women’s empowerment is very important. There are different ways to empower women.

Make girls’ education compulsory so that women can learn to make a living for themselves. Women should have equal opportunities in all fields irrespective of gender. In addition, they should receive equal compensation. We can also empower women in our country by abolishing underage marriages, which are usually done in rural areas.

Various programs should be implemented where they are given the ability to defend themselves in the event of a financial crisis. Most importantly, the shame of divorce and abuse needs to be thrown out the window. Many women live in abusive relationships out of fear of society. Parents should teach their daughters that it is better to come home with a divorce than to keep it in a coffin.

Real empowerment of women will be achieved only when the attitude towards women in society changes and they are treated with due respect, dignity, justice and equality.

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