Essay on Flood in English for Students

Essay on Flood


Flood is one of the most devastating natural disasters. Thousands die and millions become homeless in floods every year.

Causes of Flood:

Floods are usually the result of continuous and heavy rainfall. Sometimes the layers of snow on the mountain melt, causing floods. Sometimes floods occur due to cracks in the dam wall.

Flood Scene:

There was no rain in July last year. But in early August it rained for five days. The water of the Jamna river is rising. But the danger sign was blue. One night suddenly the river rose up and he crossed the danger line. The water was flowing vigorously.

All the surrounding villages were surrounded by water. It started leaking from all the nice houses. The river entered the city. There was water everywhere. All the fields were submerged. People took their belongings from the water and started moving toward safer places.

Thousands of men, women and children became homeless. We saw many animals swimming in the water. This caused considerable human and economic loss. Crops were destroyed, trees were uprooted, houses were washed away and cows drowned. Huge human and financial losses occurred.

Relief work:

Many donors helped the flood victims. Some raised money to help poor families. Some generous people gave milk, clothes and bread to these poor people. Relief camps also helped him immensely. I offer my services as a volunteer. Food, clothing and medicine were distributed by the government officials.


We have no control over the causes of floods. We can only reduce human suffering and financial loss. How to prevent the risk of floods, and build large reservoirs and canals. Big dams should be built to prevent floods. There is a need to train people to serve in disasters. They should be taught swimming and sailing.

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