Summer Vacations Essay for Students in English

Summer Vacations Essay

Summer vacations are great for leisure activities for students. It gives everyone an incredible opportunity to explore new things. Similarly, it offers the possibility to enjoy some free time from the daily schedule and move on to new interests, for example, planting, painting, singing and playing with peers.

We all spend the summer holidays on the hobbies we love the most. Some people like to stay home or play while others prefer to go out to explore new stuff.

Last summer I went to my grandfather’s house. Which is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. My cousins also used to visit our grandparents during the summer holidays. My grandfather loves gardening and we help him plant new trees and water the plants.

We would all sit together at night and listen to stories from grandpa, after which we would all go to the roof and play some games. At night, we look at the stars and the moon and hear some interesting stories about the stars and the moon that my grandmother told. We have a great time with our grandparents.

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