Should Students get Limited Access to Internet Essay

Should Students get Limited Access to Internet

The Internet is one of the most important needs in today’s world. The Internet is where we can find information about everything under the sky. This is the most important thing in the whole world.

Entrepreneurs, teachers, businessmen, students, everyone relies on the internet for their work, whether you are a middle-class person or a millionaire, you just need the internet, sometimes for your work and sometimes for fun.

There are many uses of the internet in the life of students, university projects, exam preparation and many activities can be done on the internet which can help students in their studies, but the fact is that nothing Excessive application can be harmful.

Here, too, we will discuss why students should have limited access to the Internet and the disadvantages of the overuse of the Internet by students.

Impact on your mindset and family life:

This is the most serious problem facing today’s students. They spend most of the day on the Internet and rarely communicate with their family members, which weakens family ties. Students who spend most of their time surfing the Internet end up with an unhealthy body due to lack of physical exercise, poor academic grades as they surf useless things, and distance from family.

Students neglect their health, their wealth, and their social and personal life. The only thing they care about is online. We can see the example of students who are mentally and physically disturbed due to internet addiction.

For example:
In 2018, a girl from Vietnam was addicted to Facebook and went to a mental hospital. There are endless cases of abuse of students due to internet abuse which reminds us of the importance of restricting access to the internet for students.

Adult websites, pornographic content:

Students should focus on their studies and not on frivolous and bad things. But on the Internet, they can easily enter pornographic websites. There are a number of such websites available. It is possible for students to accidentally hit these sites and later become accustomed to them.

Because female students are not smart enough to understand everything, they can be a threat to the girls around them. Students who are exposed to pornography at an early age can commit crimes and violations.

Physical Disadvantages:

Excessive use of the Internet is physically detrimental to students. Students are the future of this world and they need to stay healthy to focus on their studies and become responsible citizens in this land with the proliferation of the internet.

They play online games and chat on social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. This can lead to back pain, muscle weakness, eye problems and many other posture problems.
Access to the Internet must be restricted to save students’ social lives and anything else.

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