Sports and Games Essay in English

Sports and Games Essay

Sports and games are essential for character building. They are as essential to the body as food, water and fresh air. They are an important source of entertainment. There is a famous saying:
“ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Today this world is always full of new worries, anxieties and tensions. Man needs rest and fun after working all day. If he doesn’t rest, his life becomes monotonous and boring, and he himself becomes irritable. All wise people take some healthy steps to relax. Sports and games, especially outdoor games, are essential for this purpose.

Developed countries such as England, Germany, France and the United States have made gaming an integral part of their education. That is why in our country also big parks, playgrounds and gyms have been built for physical exercise.

The role of the lesson in the classroom does not have as profound and lasting an effect as was learned on the playground. The reason is that the lessons learned in the classroom are of theoretical importance only, while the lessons learned in the playground have a profound practical effect because;

“A good hockey player plays where the pick is. A great Hockey player plays where the puck is going to be”. ( Wayne Gretzky )

Common sports include hunting, fishing, horseback riding, cycling, mountaineering, throwing, weightlifting, walking, jogging, jumping, swimming, walking, wrestling, boxing, hammer throwing and gymnastics.

In addition, football, hockey, cricket, tennis, badminton and table tennis are sports that young people love. Because these games serve the best possible of society;

“ Sports serve society by providing a vivid example of Excellence ”.

Sports and games create a spirit of sportsmanship, playfulness, discipline, friendship, endurance, patience, coverage, endurance, truth, sacrifice, trust and fitness. Both the winner and the loser must accept the results.

When a player wins, he leaves happy and proud. When he loses, he is not happy or proud. When he loses, he is not disappointed or disappointed. Sahih said that both victory and defeat must be accepted:

   “ For when the great scorer comes
     To write against your name,
     He marks-not whether you won or lost
     But how you played the game”

Sports provide a healthy outlet for extra energy in youth. If a healthy shop is not provided, it manifests itself in the form of jokes, strikes, lockouts and other bad activities. Sports capture young people’s free time and leave them no time or energy to be in bad company, as the saying goes:
“ Sports is imposing order on what was chaos”.

Sports and games create the character of the youth. They teach them how to live a corporate life. They learn the importance of teamwork. In a game, each player is a member of the team. He has to play for the whole team, not for his own good. As a result, he is a good citizen at work.

Games and purposes make the player disciplined, punctual, regular, active, energetic, smart, fast, helpful, cooperative, beautiful and reliable. They also learn to obey and command others. They learn to sacrifice for others, which teaches them selflessness. When they lead as a team, they learn to plan for better results. The Duke of Wellington says:
“The battle of waterloo was won on the playground of Eton”.

Sports and games refresh both the body and mind of the athletes, as they burn their tense nerves. They make them healthy and strong so that they can fulfill the responsibilities of practical life and prove the truth of the proverb.
“A sound mind in a sound body”.

Sports are essential for keeping our bodies healthy, strong, active and energetic because health is wealth. Loss of health is loss of wealth. It is a fact that only healthy and active youth always work hard and lead the nation to heights and make it an honorable place in the ranks of nations.
“ One man practicing & sportsmanship is better than a hundred teaching it ”.

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