Smoking in Public Places Should be Banned Essay in English

Smoking in Public Places Should be Banned Essay

In this modern society, adults and young people can be seen smoking at parties and clubs. Because they see it as a sign of maturity and status. They do not think that smoking will kill them one day.

All cigarette packages read “Smoking is harmful to health.” However, people ignore this fact and continue to smoke regardless of their health or the health of their families.

Smoking causes many health problems in the lungs, heart and kidneys and even cancer. Smokers are aware of the negative effects of tobacco, but they do not quit because they become addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes. Millions of people die every year as a result of smoking, so we can see how much it affects our society.

In general, teens are more susceptible to smoking, which is a major threat to their lives. People see smoking as a way to relax, but it also causes various health problems and is sometimes fatal.

It is therefore important that people understand the negative effects and quit as soon as possible to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones. For decades, many families have lost loved ones due to the harmful effects of tobacco and are facing financial difficulties.

In addition, non-smokers are at greater risk from ecological tobacco than direct smokers. Therefore, active smokers should think about their children and families and quit smoking to improve their lives and society. This is especially harmful to the elderly and children.

Therefore, the government should ban the production of substances that are very harmful to humanity and nature. The media should play its role in mobilizing the people against it. Textbooks should highlight the dangers of smoking. Students should be under the control of institutions. All public places should be declared non-smoking areas.

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