Science and Human Happiness Essay

Science and Human Happiness Essay

Science is a product of curiosity. Man is curious by nature. Man is always trying to learn new things and for his curiosity, he has tried to use science. But later man used it to his advantage. Science has given us a lot. Some of these things make us happy and others go against it.

Man used science for medical purposes. The man received several life-saving drugs for various ailments. Diagnosis of various diseases has become very easy and accurate. Previously, the disease was difficult to diagnose and was treated with trial and error.

But now with accurate and correct diagnoses, human life has increased. It gets better in a few days. He doesn’t have to suffer for long. It’s all because of science and thus contributes to human happiness.

Science has brought many sources of entertainment for men. We now have movie theaters, musical instruments, radios, televisions, VCRs and other devices that can save us from living a sluggish and monotonous life. These things not only entertain us but also increase our knowledge.

They educate us, enchant us and develop us. In addition, science has saved us from the scorching heat of the sun. We can use a room cooler to keep the room cool. In winter we can use space heaters to heat our room. Training has also accelerated. Trains, buses and planes have made travel easier and faster. In this way, man has tried to get all the comforts of life on earth through science.

Science has also eliminated some of the problems for humans. Airplanes have made our journey easier and faster. They take us to remote places in a short time, but they also do bombing. Medicine has increased our lifespan, but the discovery of scooters, cars, trains and airplanes, etc., has led to large-scale accidents and delays.

The death toll has risen. Men’s lives are uncertain these days. He runs around like a frightened animal to save his life. Science has also developed many deadly weapons and brought humanity to the brink of war.

But this is not the fault of science. It is a tool in the human hand. Man has misused it to his advantage. In general, we can say that science is not a bad thing, but a source of happiness for human beings.

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