Essay on Cat in English for Students

Essay on Cat

A cat is a small pet. Looks like a little lion. It has four legs, two ears and two shining eyes. It has a long tail. Their teeth and nails are very sharp. Cat’s fur is soft. There are different cats with different colors. Some are black, white, gray, brown, etc.

Some cats have spots all over their bodies. It has a deep sense of smell. Cat likes to live in hot places. It even likes to live in clean places. The cat loves milk. Milk and meat are their main food. However, it also eats the rice that we give him.

A baby cat is called a kitten. Kittens are very playful. The cat is a useful animal. It kills the rats and protects our belongings. It can see in the dark because he has bright eyes. It moves so quietly that the rat cannot recognize its movement. So it can catch mice easily.

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