Noise Pollution Essay | Reason Effects and Control

Noise Pollution Essay

Noise pollution is a very dangerous problem that our planet is facing these days. Noise pollution is just as harmful as other types of pollution such as air, water and dust. Noise pollution refers to excessive environmental noise, which can impair the activity or balance of human or animal life.

There are many causes of noise pollution. Industrial and modern developments are causing a huge increase in noise pollution. Noise is usually caused by heavy machinery used in large industrial units.

Other causes of outdoor noise pollution include traffic noise from cars, planes and trains that emit loud noises into the air through locomotive engines, whistles, and hands ringing inside train stations. Some other causes of indoor noise pollution include generator noise, plumbing activities, and household appliances.

In addition, the use of loudspeakers and the unnecessary use of firecrackers cause a lot of trouble in the air. The effects of noise pollution are dangerous. This can lead to hearing loss, and a person may not be able to comb their hair properly and sometimes become deaf. It causes heart problems, lack of sleep and lack of attention.

Noise pollution also affects animals. Noise pollution affects your hearing, your behavior and your movements. Noise pollution is extremely harmful to both humans and animals. If precautionary measures are not taken to reduce noise pollution, it can lead to disaster.

Therefore, we must stop and let people know how much noise pollution harms us and the environment. Let’s make it our responsibility to protect the environment from further noise pollution and to make the earth a better place to live.

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