As one Journey ends Another begins Essay on School life

As one Journey ends Another begins Essay on School life

After family, school is the second Foundation that moulds the personality of a child. School is the place where a child learns all the lessons of life. It is often said,” One journey ends, and another begins in school life”

All the amenities are lion breed and hidden in a child but when he comes to school, He sees with his eyes, he hears with his ears and he talks with other children, in this way all his senses start to work and he learned so many things from others.

He learns the lesson of cooperation. He learns how to become social. He learns how to respect teachers and love and help his classmates . He learns physical activities and mental activities. In this way, the veil of ignorance is removed from his mind and he blooms like a flower with all his abilities.

School life is also a journey. One year, a journey takes a child from one class to another class. in this way his academic career is built. During this journey of one year to another year one class to another class, a child learns so many lessons of life.

He not only gets the knowledge of various subjects but he also learns how to carry on his life of journey also. In the passing every class his creative knowledge and mental power increases. He also gains and feels very experienced make a strong foundation for his future life.

These experiences make a more sensible and analytical towards life. With the result he becomes able to differentiate between good and bad. That makes him able to choose a right path that makes a man able to lead a happy and successful life.

I have many memorable experiences during the school life. Once I was coming to school. On the way, I saw a blind man trying to cross the road. I was getting late for the school but my heart did not allow me to overlook that blind man. I helped him to cross the road.

During this process I got late for school. When I reached the school, I was punished for getting late. The discipline teacher did not hear my explanation. He thought that I was telling a lie. But a few second later, the principal of the school came to me and apologize me saying that he had seen me helping that blind man, because he was passing that me on the time. I learnt that to help the other person never go waste. It also gave me great satisfaction.
A boy named Raju was always punished for not bringing his books. One day, I came to know that his father who was the only earning member in the family got admitted in the hospital because of an accident and now there was no source of income that’s why he was not able to buy the books.

So, I made a plan with my four friends. We all collected our pocket money and purchased books for that boy. It also gave all of us great feeling of satisfaction. I also learnt that the cooperation every problem can be solved.

I was weak in mathematics. One day, a boy of my class laughed at me for not solving this sum. It hurt me greatly. I solved to overcome my weakness in mathematics and within six months of continuous efforts and hard work I was the topper of class. I learnt that by continuous efforts and hard work every weakness can be overcome.

Once, there was a competition of school race in which I was the last one. I realised that I was physically weak and there was a lake of exercise in my daily life. From that, everyday I started to take a healthy diet and to run daily for one or two kilometre. After 6 month, I was the first one in the race. This experience made me realise the importance of good diet and exercise.

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