My House Essay for All Classes in English

My House Essay

“East or West, home is the best.” It is a famous old saying which is true even today. My house is situated in the Peoples Colony. It is in the heart of the city. It was built by my father in 1986. It has two storeys, four bedrooms two bathrooms and a kitchen. All the rooms are painted, well-lighted and airy.

Every room has a ceiling fan. All the rooms have almirahs. Our drawing room is very beautiful A fine carpet is spread in it. There are two sofa sets in it. It is decorated with pictures and looking glasses. A beautiful curtain is hangings on the walls. There are marble chips on the floor. We have a T.V. set in one corner of the drawing-room. We watch the T.V. at night.

The people of our colony are educated. There is no problem with sanitation. Our locality is very clean. There are many parks in our colony. Old people, women and children go to these parks in the morning and evening. There is a telephone in my house. It is a very useful instrument. There is also a big refrigerator in my house.

I live with my father and mother. I have two brothers and a sister. We love each other. All the members of my family are very good and Cooperative. We help our neighbors in the hour of need. We have got our own transport. Therefore, we have no problem going anywhere in the city. My house gives me every facility which I need. May we all stay happy in it always, Ameen. 

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