How To Prepare For Exams – 5 Powerful Practical Tips

As exams come near, Students start thinking about how to prepare for exams. But due to lack of knowledge, they never come to conclusion. They want to prepare for exams within a month but don’t know how.

In this article, I’m going to share five powerful and practical tips that will help you prepare for your exams. I have also been a student like you and based on my experience, I am going to share the top five tips that helped me as a student. I don’t want to say like I’m bragging. But in class, I always topped my school. So I hope you find these tips in the article useful.

Five Powerful and Practical Tips to Prepare for Exams

Plan before you start

Tip number one is to plan before you start preparing for exams. Don’t just rush into your studies like a race. I remember my school days when the exams were near. I would sit down with my friends and make a study plan. Sometimes it does feel scary because you feel you have so much left to prepare. So I propose making a plan with a person like your dad mom or a friend.

But the question is how to make the plan? It’s really simple, plan out your studies based on the time left. Let’s assume you have two weeks or one month left before your exams. Just divide the time by the number of subjects. For example, if you have seven subjects and four weeks left. If you calculate you have four days to study per subject.

Next, you can look at each subject to see the number of chapters. Let’s say your subject has 12 chapters. So you need to finish three chapters in a day for that subject. This gives you a clear target to focus on. Making the plan may take 30 minutes or an hour but it is definitely worth it. So remember to plan before you start preparing for exams.

Prepare for the last day

Tip 2 for the preparation for exams is to prepare for the last day. This is super important how you study the day before or a couple of days before your test. It can hugely affect your score. If your year’s preparation is like a marathon then the last day is like a100 meter race.

So, to study efficiently on the last day all the important things in your textbooks should be marked. You shouldn’t be reading the entire book on the last day. That’s a waste of time. So remember whenever you’re studying, sit with a pencil pen marker highlighter, or anything. Keep in mind to mark the important things for your last revision.

Mark only the critical things that you forget or find difficult. Please don’t highlight the entire book I wish I had my school textbooks to show you. This is a great time-saver. I could revise the entire syllabus in one-fourth of the time. So be smart and efficient on the day before your exam.

Positive Auto Suggestions

Tip number three is positive Auto suggestions. You may not have heard this term before even I read about it the first time during my high school days. When I read it, it really shook me because I’ve been doing the opposite of that and many of us do it consciously or unconsciously. we keep telling ourselves negative things the whole day. For example, I can’t do it and am tensed or I’m tired.

The positive Auto suggestion technique says that you should say positive thoughts to yourself and imagine positive things. so say to yourself things like I can do it I will do well in the exam and be calm and relaxed. say to yourself with feeling with emotion. This helped me a lot because our subconscious mind starts believing what is repeated to it.

The great boxer Muhammad Ali would enter the boxing ring repeating to himself I am the champion I’m the greatest. This is before the match started. So he was preparing his mind for victory not for failure.

Imagine once it’s over

Tip number four to prepare for exams is imagining once it’s over. While I was preparing for my exams, I would do this often to motivate myself. I would close my eyes and imagine the time after my exams were over. I could relax play cricket with my friends catch up on my sleep and do all my favorite things. you can use this simple trick to keep yourself motivated and cheerful because remember time flies and soon your exams will be over.

Don’t believe the rumors

Tip number five is more important for the preparation for exams than others. Don’t believe the rumors. I’m sure you heard things like this part are sure to come in the exam or this won’t come because it came last year.

These are all rumors don’t believe them. Because I learned it the hard way it was a university exam and I had left out certain chapters because they were probably not going to come. We had the option of doing any five out of nine questions and guess what four questions came from the chapters that were probably not going to come. So I was left with no choice but to do the remaining fight that I had studied.

So the moral of the story is don’t pay attention to these rumors. Study all the chapters and don’t leave out stuff because nobody really knows what is going to come in the exam.
I hope these study tips were helpful so here’s a reminder of the five tips we covered to prepare for exams
Plan before you start
Prepare for the last day
Positive Auto suggestions
Imagine once it’s over
Don’t believe the rumors

Let me know which tip out of these five you found most helpful. do write it in the comments below and feel free to share out more tips in the comments. Wish you all the best in your exams. I’m sure you will do well and do remember to Like comment and share this article.

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