Money can’t Buy Happiness Essay

In some people’s view, money is everything in todays life. But some argue that money cannot buy happiness. Here I am going right an essay on money cannot buy happiness.

Money Cannot Buy Happiness Essay

Money cannot buy happiness but can only buy things, commodities or goods.
Money cannot buy happiness because happiness cannot be measured or stored or transfer ownership.

Money is handy and essential to survive in the present world but it cannot buy happiness it can only buy commodities that may or may not bring joy and happiness to an individual.
So, money can help us buy things that give us short-term pleasure.

Happiness is not a part of being financially wealthy, it is instead a state of peace and satisfaction.
A person can be much happier than a rich person if the poor person is satisfied with their life and belongings.

Happiness is long-term whereas money is temporary.
Small things bring happiness more as compared to many grand things, but money has a minimal role to play in it.

Happiness is peace of mind and satisfaction in what one owns and money cannot provide the same.
Money can get materialistic things and it has a negative impact on the human mind and soul.

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