Leadership Essay in English for Students

Leadership Essay

A leader is one who motivates his followers and gives them a sense of purpose and direction. A leader faces many obstacles in life from different walks of life, including his followers. But there comes a point where a leader has to choose between following his followers and achieving his goals. And this is where the real test of a leader comes into play. The ability to impress people and make them love his ideas and goals is a testament to good leadership, especially in difficult times.

A good leader must be aware of all human idioms and every aspect of life. He must be empathetic and at the same time have the ability to make strong, bold and necessary decisions even if it means he will become unpopular. Difficult times and conflicts are the times for a good leader. From Nelson Mandela to Abraham Lincoln, everyone has risen to the occasion and there is a sense of hope for their followers when people were in their weakest and most difficult times.

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