Importance of Trees Essay

Importance of Trees Essay

We cannot deny the importance of trees in our lives. Trees are an integral part of the environment. They make the environment beautiful and suitable for the existence of different species of living beings. Life on earth is not possible without trees. They are important to us in many ways. It would not be wrong to say that trees give us life.

Importance of Trees

⦁ Trees make the environment clean and beautiful.
⦁ Trees provide us with clean oxygen by absorbing polluted and toxic carbon dioxide from our environment.
⦁ Many living species live in trees. Trees are a natural habitat for many animals, birds and insects.
⦁ Please help reduce air, water and noise pollution.
⦁ Trees prevent erosion and flooding.
⦁ In summer, trees provide shade for animals, birds and humans, making them happy in the sun.
⦁ We get flowers, fruits, rubber, silk, paper, matches, wood, herbs and other minerals from trees.
⦁ Essential oils are obtained from trees. For example, eucalyptus, almonds, camphor, etc. are used in the medical and perfume industries.
⦁ We find valuable herbs that cure many diseases.
⦁ Trees keep the earth’s surface cool, which prevents temperatures from rising.

Conclusion About the Importance of Trees

The tree is our precious asset, if we continue to exploit it, this wealth will be lost, and so will our lives. We have to understand the importance of trees because they are the protectors of the whole of nature, as long as they exist on earth, there is life on earth.

Without them, the earth would be just a dry and barren planet. Therefore, it is our duty to preserve such beautiful creatures of God and thus we should promote tree planting and discourage harmful activities for trees.

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