Importance of Recycling Essay in English for Students

Importance of Recycling Essay

Recycling is much important to saving the earth. Reuse, reduce and recycle are three important R’s that we should follow to help our planet stay healthy. Recycling means taking raw materials from items or remaking them into new items, which we can use again.

Humans produce a lot of waste every day, such as paper, plastic, metals and glass. These are used plastic water bottles, soft drink bottles and cans, used paper waste, old glassware and bottles etc. These are items that can be easily recycled at special recycling centers.

These objects are broken into smaller pieces, melted down, and put back together as new, usable objects. We can also recycle many things at home, using them to make fun and useful craft projects.

For example, you can separate pencils by cutting off the tops of metal cans or plastic bottles. We should separate our waste into dry and wet household waste, to ensure that recycled items go to recycling centers. Recycling can be done in many other ways, and we should always try to recycle as much as possible.

Three “R’s” are important for saving the environment. These three are “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. Recycling is a process in which the best things become new and usable. We have to reduce waste material because waste goes into the ground.

They emit many harmful gases which are dangerous for humans and animals. Recycling helps conserve resources. Natural resources should be saved for the future. Materials that can be recycled are plastic, paper, metal and glass.

Recycling helps to conserve the use of fresh raw materials. If we recycle waste materials, we can save our environment from soil pollution.

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