Importance of Games and Sports Essay in Points

Importance of Games and Sports Essay in Points

Introduction to games and sports:

As you know games and sports are very important for everybody. Our body is like a machine. A machine can not work without oiling. In some way, our body can not work properly if we do not exercise, or play games and sports. They give us energy.

Two views about games and sports:

⦁ Some people think that if a student play games then he will not study properly. Sports are not necessary to him.
⦁ There is another view that games are very necessary. All work and no play will make a man doll.

The necessity of Games and Sports:

As we are students. It is our duty. But we cannot study all time. There is a limit to our energy. Doing all time, the same type of work, we feel bored. So, we should study as well as play games.

Importance of Games and Sports:

For studies, we should be healthy. Good health makes work better. Games and sports make us healthy and fit for work. So, we should exercise to fit our bodies.

Conclusion :

Mast take part in games and sports as the statement says:
“ Participation is more important than winning”.

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