The Holy Quran: An Introduction of the Holy Quran

The Holy Quran is a great book of Allah’s. The verses of it are actually the words of Allah. The purpose of creating Quran Pak was to teach lessons to Mankind so they know what is right, what is wrong, How to do Justice, and Much more. The Quran is a way of living for Muslims and Mankind.

This article is all about the Holy Quran, and we will elaborate on the Introduction of the Quran and also describe some of the important information about the Holy Quran. Let’s begin this beautiful journey together!

Introduction of the Holy Quran

The Holy Quran is a message from God, given to the Prophet Muhammad over 1,400 years ago. This book (Holy Quran) has 114 parts called “surahs,” and it talks about lots of things, like how to be a good Human and How to become closer or liked by Allah.

The Quran is written beautifully, and each word or verse of the Quran is relevant and proved to be the truth based on Life. The Quran is written very beautifully in the language of Arabic. The Quran has verses that give the answers for humans to know why they are and what the purpose of life is, and much more for Mankind.

Muslims don’t just read the Quran once and forget about it, but they read it and memorize the verses because it’s a guide for how to live a good life. However, the Quran is not just for Muslims; every human can learn to improve life Ethically or morally.

About Translation of the Quran

The Holy Quran has been translated into many languages so that the verses can be understood easily. When the Holy Quran reached humans for the first time, it was in the language of Arabic because, at that time, the mother language of people was Arabic. The conversations between people were also in Arabic.

In the current times, the Holy Quran is available with many translations, and most people prefer to read with the translation. Most of the Asians read in the Urdu language, such as people of Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.  The Quran with Urdu Translation PDF is the source to read via cell phones, Computers, and Tablets.

Today’s generation mostly prefers to read the Holy Quran electronically, and therefore, the publisher’s companies are providing sources on the internet in the form of PDFs. However, reading on the internet might lead to the wrong verses, so it is crucial to choose sites or platforms wisely. 

Revolution of the Holy Quran

The Holy Quran has brought an incredible revolution for mankind, as humans were standing on the verge of chaos and they were not aware of the way of living the correct life. The revelation of the Holy Quran was a great revolution for human life as it teaches the purpose of life and the right way to live.

The Holy Quran has a number of Surah, which are the words of Allah that describe the lessons, history of Prophets, rewards of Good deeds, the life of Jannah, and many more beautiful talks. Muslims recite many surahs for overcoming disasters, problems, and difficulties, and Surah Rehman has been one of the most read.

Surah Rahman has verses that tell Allah’s power, and Muslims have seen a significant advantage in reading or listening to the verses. Muslims listen to Surah Rahman and read from the Holy Book to overcome the problems of life. Also, most Muslims prefer to read Surah Rahman PDF format, as it is easy to access and read. 


Q: What is the Holy Quran?

A: The Holy Quran is the Holy Book of Allah that was sent to the Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) by the Angel (Farishta) Hazrat Gabriel to teach humans about what life is and how to live so Allah likes them.

Q: How Many Verses Does the Holy Quran Have?

A: The Holy Quran has 6666 Verses, but some people exclude the Bismillah in counting the verses. That’s why there are different tales about the verse number. 

Q: Which Angel Revealed the Holy Quran?

A: Hazrat Gabriel is Allah’s Angel who revealed the Holy Quran to the Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (s.a.w).


The Holy Quran is the way of life for humanity. The Angel Hazrat Gabriel revealed the Holy Quran to the Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) before 1400 years. The purpose of Revealing the Holy Quran is to tell the people what the actual purpose of life is and how they need to live so they can enter the Jannah. The Holy Quran is translated into many languages, and most are read in Urdu Translation. The Holy Quran has brought Revolution to human life morally and ethically and has taught the way of actual life.

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