Guide: How To Open a Live Trading Account?

There are two types of forex trading accounts, consisting of different services and features. For practicing the trading, a demo account or practice account is provided. A demo account is provided to practice currency trading with virtual money. To start a real trading business, a live account is required. 

A Forex live account is a trading account that refers to the selling and purchasing of one currency to another. The live Forex account includes real investors to buy and sell currencies in pairs. The various details are required to open a live Forex account.

In this article, we are going to walk you through some of the easiest steps for opening a live trading account. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the article to explore the essential live account information.

About Forex Live Account

A Forex live account is a currency trading account given by the forex broker or company to deposit real money and start a currency exchange business. The live account of trading is usually offered after the demo account, so it can be risk-free. However, investing directly in the live account may lead to a huge financial loss.

Before embarking on the journey toward the Forex live account, it is essential to learn about the demo account. After practicing on a demo account, individuals referred to the live accounts. The live Forex account can be created online by visiting the selected broker website.

Creating a Forex Live Account

A Forex live account is essential to starting the real currency exchange journey. Following are a few of the required steps to create a Forex live account. 

  1. Choose a Broker: The first step for creating a Forex live account is to choose a broker. A broker is a company where you can register yourself for a live forex trading account. 
  2. Prepare Required Documents: The second step to creating a live trading account is to prepare the required documents. The required documents include various forms such as ID Cards, Driving licenses, Electricity bills, etc.
  3. Visit Broker Site: When you collect all documents required by the Broker site, you can visit the site to create. To register, click on the Signup or Register button on the home screen.
  4. Enter the Information: When you open the sign-up option on the broker site, several documents are required on the home page. Now fill in the required spaces with the correct documents. 
  5. Finish: After putting all the documents in the required sections or tabs, it’s time to finish. Now you need to verify the documents sent to your email address by the broker site.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you will fully create a verified live Forex account and start your journey towards the currency exchange marketplace. 

Start Forex Trading with a Live Account

When you successfully create a live trading account, now it’s time to start trading and make profits. Make sure You adhere to the basic fundamentals of the tradings so you can prevent the losses. To start forex trading with a live account, first start with a low deposit, and invest as much as you can bear the loss.

Investing too much at the beginning may lead you to financial danger. It is crucial to seek professional guidance from an expert forex broker. Additionally, it is also essential to get in touch with the market every time. To ensure profits, always follow experts, and keep an eye on the Candlestick analytics patterns in the live account.

Final Thoughts

Forex trading offers a few types of trading accounts and each one has different services and features. To start trading with real money, a live Forex account is required. To open a live Forex account, you need to practice on the demo account first. However, the broker company also does not allow you to move a direct live account.

The Live trading account requires a real deposit of money and then you can start selling and purchasing currencies in the marketplace. In a live account, the currencies are exchanged in pairs of different currencies. Moreover, to prevent loss and start risk-free, always start with a low deposit and follow a real forex broker. 

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