Hard work is the key to success Story (200 words)

Here I am going to write “Hard work is the key to success story 200 words” for students

Hard work is the key to success 200 words

A long time ago, a young man lived in a small village in the United States. His name was Jack. He was very simple and famous among children. The children of the village loved him because he told wonderful stories.

He was too useless or too slow. He disliked work. His idol habits made his wife angry. Sometimes she asked him to work and earn money to support the family, but he would not listen.

However, due to poverty, he had to give up all his wealth. When he had no choice but to beg, he began to work.

At first, he just started working as a helper and somehow managed the family. Gradually he became a bus driver and started earning more. In this way, he understood the value of work.

He also became interested in working and earning money, which made him more dedicated to work. His sincerity and interest made him even more successful.

He became a skilled driver and got a well-paid job in a multinational company. This job turned the wheel of his fortune. He started saving money and two years later he bought two buses which made him even more money.

Moral of the story
Hard work is the key to success.

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