Global Warming Essay for Students in English

Here I am going to write “Global Warming Essay” for Students in English. This essay on global warming is for High School and Higher Secondary School Students.

Global Warming Essay

Global warming

Global warming is the latest alarm for the Earth’s environment. Global warming refers to a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Various activities are being carried out which are raising the temperature little by little. Global warming is rapidly melting our ice glaciers. It is harmful to humans as well as the earth.

Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, and other air pollutants accumulate in the atmosphere and manage to absorb solar radiation from most of the earth’s surface. Because this pollution is present in the atmosphere, they trap this heat and heat the earth even more. It is also known as the greenhouse effect.

The most obvious causes of global warming are industrialization, urbanization, burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, modern human lifestyles and much more. These activities and trends have led to an increase in emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, etc.

Preventing global warming is a huge challenge for all of us, but it is not entirely impossible. Global warming can be prevented if joint efforts are made. This will require both individuals and the government to take steps to achieve this.

There are some things we can do personally and help limit global warming. Saving electricity, recycling household waste, and using modes of transportation other than vehicles, such as walking, cycling, and public transportation.

Raising awareness about global warming is one of the most important things. So we all need to take responsibility and reduce global warming. Therefore, every small step is very important in preventing global warming.

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