Essay on Coronavirus Covid-19 and Our Responsibilities

Today I am going to write an essay on coronavirus and our responsibilities.

Essay on Coronavirus

What is Coronavirus?

Corona is an infectious disease that is spread by a virus. It usually affects the respiratory system of mammals and birds and the human respiratory and digestive systems. The largest epidemic of corona spread in December 2019. Corona is a Latin word meaning halo. Because its appearance resembles the halo of the sun. That is why it is called Corona.

History of Coronavirus

The epidemic began in Wuhan China in December 2019. The epidemic slowly spread worldwide. The epidemic was named covid-19. The virus is most dangerous because it has the potential to spread from person to person.

Corona started from a small area of China and spread to the whole world in a few days. Its spread is so fast that it is very difficult to stop it. This has led to a worldwide economic downturn. An attempt was made to avoid this by locking down.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Respiratory problems begin to appear in patients with coronavirus ten days a week. This condition is aggravated by a severe respiratory disease that causes digestive and blood problems. This increases the risk of death. Common symptoms of coronavirus include fever, fatigue and cough. As the disease progresses, fever also appears. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The heart beats faster and there is chest pain.

Cure of Coronavirus

Scientists have encountered many problems in developing a proven cure or medicine for the coronavirus. And they barely made it. But still, the medicine has not given 100% results. It is better to take precautionary measures than medicine to avoid it. To prevent an epidemic, the people and the government must work together to fight it.

Our responsibilities to Control Coronavirus

It is our responsibility to take strict precautionary measures against ourselves and to instruct others to do the same. Because the disease is mostly spread by inhalation, use a regular mask. Be sure to wear a mask whenever you go out.

Frequent hand washing can also get rid of the germs of the disease. Wash hands with good soap and use hand sanitizer. Do not touch the nose and mouth with dirty hands. Keep a direct distance from the affected people. Do not touch the items they use. The affected person should be quarantined as much as possible.

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