Write A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Online Classes

Today I am going to write a dialogue between two friends about online classes.

Dialogue Between Two Friends About Online Classes

In the free period, two friends meet and have a conversation on the topic of online classes

Maria: How are you?
Saira: I am fine, what about you?
Maria: I am also fine, how are your studies going on?
Saira: My studies are going well. You know that due to the pandemic classes are being conducted online.
Maria: Yes, I am also studying through online classes.

Saira: Have you realized that the classes are more enticing with the new ways of teaching? Our teachers have also become more creative with their approaches.
Maria: I have seen that too. These online classes are very good for all of us. We learn something new every day even though there’s a pandemic.
Saira: But I have some problems too with online classes.

Maria: What problems are you facing during online classes?
Saira: Even though I enjoy online classes. But I lost that seriousness at which we study in our class. During class in college, we have a teacher all the time who looks after us. There we know,  if we don’t study with focus. We will be reprimanded by the teacher but here we don’t have that fair. That’s why I lost my focus.

Maria: Yes you are right, Some students lose focus if the teacher doesn’t look after them. But now we should realize our responsibility that we cannot go to college. So we have to study by ourselves too.
Saira: Yes, I am trying to realize this and focus on studying by myself.
Maria: Right, I would say best of luck to you. Anyway gotta go now so talk to you later.
Saira: Sure no problem, goodbye.

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