Elephant Essay in English for Students

Elephant Essay in English

The elephant is the biggest animal on earth. Its four legs are like large pillars, two large ears like large fans, a long trunk and a short tail at the back. Male elephants have two long teeth called tusks.

Elephant’s food is leaves, plant grains, fruits, etc. They are very intelligent and obedient. Elephants are found in Africa and Asia. Elephants are usually gray, and in Thailand they are white. Elephants live to be over a hundred years. Elephants live in forests and are also seen in zoos and circuses.

The elephant are about 11 feet high and weighs 13,000 pounds. An elephant can eat 400 pounds of food a day and drink 30 gallons of water. Elephant skin is 1 inch thick and very sensitive. They can hear sounds from about 5 miles away. Male elephants live alone like adults, while females live in groups. The oldest female elephant in the group is called Matriarch.

Elephants have a great deal of intelligence, hearing and smell, but they have poor eyesight. Elephants are very attractive to children because of their interesting features such as two large ears, two long functions, four pillar-like legs, a large trunk, a large body, two small eyes and a small tail. The trunk is used for eating food, drinking water, breathing, sniffing, carrying loads, etc.

Elephants are considered to be very clever and never forget anything that happened in their lives. They talk to each other in very low voices. A baby elephant is called a calf. Elephants also fall into the category of mammals because they give birth and suckle.

It takes 20 to 22 months for a baby elephant to fully develop in its mother’s womb. It does not take long for another animal to develop before it is born. A female elephant gives birth to a baby every 4-5 years. At birth, the baby is 85 cm tall and weighs 120 kg. It takes more than a year for a baby elephant to learn to use its trunk. An elephant calf can drink 10 liters of milk daily.

These are very useful animals throughout human life and even after death. There are various parts used to make valuables all over the world. Bones and teeth are used to make forks of other fancy things including brushes, knives, and bangles. People generally cannot afford to keep elephants indoors.

They are very calm in nature and while they can be very angry and dangerous because they can destroy anything and even kill people. He sincerely obeys his guardian until he dies. Elephants are endangered because of their size, precious ivory, prey, and so on. Therefore, they must be preserved to maintain their availability on Earth.

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