Best Save Earth Essay for Students in English

Save Earth Essay

The planet we all live on is Earth. Earth is the only planet on which there is life. The earth has given us many things. It is our responsibility to protect the land and ensure that the next generation has a better environment.

Our land is in danger. And the reason is none other than man! Man is destroying and misusing natural resources. If we are to save the earth, we must first save these resources.

We must take appropriate steps to save earth. We need to stop pollution and global warming which are a threat to the environment. As a result, the earth and its environment have been severely affected by many human activities.

That is why we must take care of our land. Deforestation, industrialization, etc. have affected the natural balance of the land. Air pollution, water pollution and soil erosion are some of the environmental problems that harm human beings themselves.

Deforestation and deforestation have certainly caused environmental damage. Therefore, we must make every effort to save earth and the environment. Make a difference too. So all we have to do is decide whether to harm the environment or not. Therefore, save earth for at least a better life.

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