A Dialogue Writing Between Two Friends on the Dowry System

I am writing this conversation between two friends on dowry system to make people realize that dowry is not everything.

Dialogue Writing Between Two Friends on Dowry System

Two friends gather in the college canteen and have a dialogue on dowry system.
Aslam: How are you and what is happening?
Akram: I am fine and preparing for the exam.
Aslam: I am also busy in this regard.
Picking up the newspaper, Aslam reads that the bridegroom returned without the bridal for not paying the dowry.

Akram: What news you read! The bridegroom returned without the bride – what do you mean?
Aslam: The girl’s family did not pay the dowry and the groom returned home without taking the bride.
Akram: Very sad. Aren’t these people ashamed?
Aslam: If they were ashamed, why would they go back without the bride? And someone’s daughter would get married.

Akram: Dude, is it necessary to give dowry?
Aslam: There is no need. What does a servant keep by giving his daughter?
Akram: So, why is there so much demand for dowry? people don’t get married without it.
Aslam: People form relationships only on the basis of greed. It is also the groom’s fault. If he says clearly that I will get married but I will not take dowry. My house has everything. God has given me a lot. so it is very beautiful.

Akram: But the bridegroom’s parents do not agree. Instead, before they get married, they ask the bride’s family what they will give them so that we do not buy them.
Aslam: Yes, this is also true. It’s only the boys’ family fault. If they do not even demand dowry, then everything will be fine
Akram: Surely, when a person gives them a piece of his heart, he has nothing left, then what is the significance of these things?
Aslam: Our Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade us to take a curse like a dowry.

Akram: Yes, our Islam does not even allow it. And if people follow that. So many sisters and daughters who are sitting at home because of dowry will get married.
Aslam: We are the ones who put this tradition.
Akram: Yes, we introduce this tradition. But we can also eradicate this curse like dowry. We don’t need to make any announcements. When we put an end to this practice one by one, the whole society will be cleansed of it

Aslam: May this be understood by everyone and the society will be very calm. And the feelings of love will be in all people and only relationships will be sacred and not dowry.
Akram: Yes, I would be very happy to see this curse removed from our society.
Aslam: Well brother that’s enough today. Then one day we will talk about this topic. Now let’s go to class
Akram: Yeah, I am also thinking so Now we should go to class.

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