Dialogue Between two Friends Talking About College Library

Today I am going to write a dialogue between two friends talking about the college library. Colleges are one of the mainstream Educational Institutes in any country. Millions of students get admission after High School. Every college has a library for students. Here we will write a conversation between two friends talking about the college library.

Dialogue Between two Friends About College Library

Zahid: Hello Naveed, how are you?
Naveed: I am good, what about you?
Zahid: I am also fine. I see you are looking for something.
Naveed: yes, As you know, I am new to the college. I am in search of the college library where is it located.
Zahid: Oh, what will you do there?

Naveed: I am keen of reading books. Once my school teacher told me that college libraries have a great collection of books. So I wanted to borrow some books.
I’m going there too.
Zahid: It is located in the back of the college. It will take 5 minutes by walk.
Naveed: Are you also going to read books in the college library?
Zahid: No, I don’t go there to read books. one of my friends is there. I am going to take him. Then we’ll go to the park.

Naveed: Why don’t you go there to read books? In my opinion, college libraries are a great source of knowledge and information. Every student should go there to learn new things which are not in the course.
Zahid: But I don’t have much time to read books from the library as my course books are so big. I don’t feel comfortable reading more books. I want to enjoy my free time, that’s why I am going to park.

Naveed: Libraries provide us with so much knowledge that our regular books don’t. Reading only class books makes us a bit boring. But library books give us knowledge about the world and history. We come to know about those things which we don’t know from our courses books.
Zahid: Yes, you are right, but I cannot give time to the library.

Naveed: Why cannot you give time to the library? As you said, you are planning to go to the park. Is it not better to spend that time in the library to learn new things?
Zahid: I did not think so. Thank you very much for making me realize that I should spend some time in the library.
Naveed: That’s great. I am happy to hear this. If you know, tell me about our college library.

Zahid: Our college library is the third biggest library in the country. It has around about 50000 books on thousands of topics. It consists of 30 rooms, and every room has 5 to 6 shelves for different categories. It has five big halls to study.
Naveed: Oh: I am amused to hear that. It means that my desire to read books by famous authors is going to be fulfilled.

Zahid: Yes, I come to know in a few minutes that you are fond of reading books.
Naveed: Ok, now tell me about the library staff.
Zahid: They are very gentlemen and help in every possible way, from making a library card to providing books politely.

Naveed: You mean that first I have to make a library card? Then I’ll be able to get books.
Zahid: Yes, first will go to the librarian and ask him to make a library card for you.
Naveed: Will I have to pay some fee for the library card?
Zahid: No, you don’t need to pay for a library card.
Naveed: Thank you very much. I was worried about the library and how I’ll be able to get books.

Both students enter the library. They go to the librarian for their library card. Librarian allows them to read books until their college library cards get ready.

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