Cruelty to Animals Essay in English for Students

Cruelty to Animals Essay

All animals or other creatures have an equal right to live on this earth. They live in their natural habitat without harming their congeners. Animals are harmless creatures created by God. They create harmony and peace, but man, by his selfishness, greed and cunning, has been robbing them of their natural habitat, killing them for pleasure, food and financial gain.

He commands them to meet their needs. He orders them to plow their fields, fetch milk and bring meat to eat. In the field of medical research, animals are used for scientific experiments on them. These innocent animals endure such agony, brutality and pain that they cannot even describe.

They are kept in zoos, in inadequate places or in small walls and these animals move around in cages to show their restlessness and restlessness. Isn’t this cruelty? Similarly, birds and some animals are sold as pets in cages or in chains. Birds or animals feel happy and satisfied when they are free in their natural habitat instead of being locked in gold cages or silver chains.

Stray animals, such as dogs and cats, can be seen in rubbish heaps that are thrown under polythene bags. All of this causes suffocation in the intestines and causes death. Isn’t this cruelty to animals?

Animals also have strong emotions and feelings. They also feel any kind of pain. We must be sensitive to their feelings. Parents should teach their children to treat animals well. Authorities in schools should also introduce lessons on our good behavior with animals so that students can be made aware of them.

We must all pledge not to be cruel to animals. The law of animal protection should be enforced and those responsible for cruelty to animals should be punished by law.

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