Artificial Intelligence: Curse or Blessing Essay in English

Artificial Intelligence: Curse or Blessing

Machines make our work easier and simpler, but if machines are capable of solving problems and producing results like humans, it is called artificial intelligence. It is one of the modern branches of computer science. We are currently surrounded by many kinds of devices with artificial intelligence. For example, air conditioners, computers, mobile phones, biosensors, video games, etc.

The term artificial intelligence was coined by John McCarthy in 1956. Science has made human life much easier. The development of artificial intelligence also shows this. Today it is in its infancy but still, man continues to benefit from human life. We can see some of its special effects in the following points.

The use of science in the field of health is a blessing. Operation of other parts of the body where operation is not possible today will be possible with this little robot equipped with artificial intelligence. It can also be used in the treatment of various incurable diseases.

It is also used in the mechanical and automobile industries. In the near future, we will have a network of driverless vehicles spread across the globe. That alone is possible. It can be used in the study of various planets and celestial bodies.

Further artificial intelligence is useful in other jobs such as sports, education, mining, traffic, etc. History has shown that human beings have not readily accepted the transformation of civilization. But when they realized that this change was for their own good. They welcomed him with open arms. Human society also views artificial intelligence with fear.

A growing concern in the global economy today is that AI will completely take over human jobs. To improve productivity, companies are adopting AI technologies that are replacing human jobs and making us more reliant on machines.

This will greatly damage your ability to think and create creativity and ideas. The use of production capacity yields efficient results, but the process is very costly, as machines are very complex and intricate in their design.

The above analysis shows that artificial intelligence is an invention of science that is transforming the empty ideas of human beings into reality. It will be more active in the future. Whether or not this will be a blessing for human civilization. Therefore, it can be said that its usefulness will be maintained in all spheres of human life and will give a new dimension to human civilization.

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