Essay on Brain Drain in English for Students

Brain Drain Essay

Brain drain is a broad term used to describe the migration of talented and qualified people from one country to another in search of a better life and better work. The term brain drain was first used by Britain in the 1960s when the second workforce began to move from developing countries to developed countries.

It is also known as human capital flight. This is an increasingly alarming trend worldwide, as developing countries invest in the education and training of young professionals. This causes a considerable loss of resources when these people migrate, resulting in a direct benefit to recipient countries that have not invested in their education. Intellectuals are one of the most expensive resources in any country to train in terms of material cost and time.

The first geographic brain drain is in which the most talented people move to other countries in search of better-paying jobs. This has a negative impact on your country’s economy and overall development.

The second is organizational brain drain. Mass migration of highly talented, skilled and creative employees from one organization to another is an organizational brain drain. It weakens the organization and intensifies/enhances competition.

The third is the flight of industrial talent. Employees move from one industry to another in search of better jobs. This upsets the balance of work in industries where there is a brain drain.

There are many factors that cause brain drain at different levels. Geographical brain drain is often caused by unstable political conditions, lack of good employment opportunities, poor quality of life, etc. in a country.

Also, organizational brain drain is caused by a lack of good leadership and management in the organization, lack of fair promotion, little or no scope for advancement, and salary below market standard. Lack of occupational appreciation, and long hours of continuous work at a remote location, can also lead to people looking for jobs and other places.

Finally, brain drain occurs in the industry due to low pay packages, poor growth prospects, inadequate workload, health hazards associated with the industries etc. Thus it can be said that the factors responsible for brain drain have been clearly identified. It is only necessary to control them to overcome this problem.

Among other things, creating better job opportunities in the market, offering a salary package commensurate with an individual’s skills, and creating a healthy work environment is essential to avoid this problem of brain drain.

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