Air Pollution Essay in English for Students

Air Pollution Essay

Air Pollution

Air pollution is a major threat to the world today. The rate of air pollution is rising every day. This is usually the result of human activity. It is important for the current generation to know the danger behind the situation and to overcome it before destroying the environment.

Causes of Air Pollution:

There are many causes of air pollution. Human activities are the first and only cause of any kind of environmental pollution. Everything we burn with any material, be it household items or industrial chemicals, emits harmful gases that cause air pollution. Motor vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, jeeps, trains and airplanes use a lot of fuel which emits a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and is the biggest cause of air pollution. In addition, the use of refrigerators that emit chlorofluorocarbons causes air pollution.

Effects of air pollution:

Our future is at stake because of the deteriorating air quality. Rising air pollution can lead to serious health risks such as cancer and heart problems. Children suffer from bronchitis and pneumonia. Nose and throat irritation, asthma attacks and lung diseases are all consequences of air pollution. Another major effect of air pollution is extreme climate change. Disruption of food chains, extinction of species and depletion of the ozone layer are some of the serious problems we are facing today.


Fresh air is the first evidence of our existence on this planet earth. Life would have been unbearable if the polluted air had conquered mother earth. The government and citizens have a collective responsibility to prevent and control air pollution. If air pollution is reduced then the effect of air pollution will be less. Although people do not have the resources to repair the damage caused by air pollution, prevention will gradually improve.

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