Essay on Agriculture in English for Students

Agriculture Essay in English

Agriculture is a very broad subject. It includes crop production, animal husbandry, soil science, horticulture, dairying, extension education, entomology, agricultural chemistry, agricultural engineering, plant pathology, and botany. These subjects are taught in various universities around the world to train people in this field.

Different Types of Agriculture:

The following shows how the agricultural sector is classified in our country.

Subsistence Agriculture: It is one of the most widely practiced agricultural techniques in India. In this type of agriculture, farmers grow grain for themselves and for sale.

Commercial agriculture: This type of agriculture focuses on high production with the aim of making a profit by exporting it to other countries. The most common cash crops in the country are cotton, wheat and sugarcane.

Extensive agriculture: This is more common in developed countries. However, it is also practiced in some parts of India. It focuses on the use of machinery for cultivation and breeding.

Intensive agriculture: This is a common practice in densely populated areas of the country. It focuses on engineering to maximize land productivity by using various techniques. This requires a significant investment in terms of money and large manpower.

Plantation Farming: This type of farming involves growing crops that require a lot of time and space to grow. Some of these crops are rubber, coffee, cocoa, coconut, fruits and spices.

Wetland cultivation: Areas with high rainfall are well irrigated and suitable for the cultivation of crops like jute, rice and sugarcane.

Rain-fed agriculture: It is practiced in desert regions like central and northwestern India. Some of the crops grown in these areas are millet, jowar and grass. This is because these crops require less water to grow.

With the advancement of technology, agriculture has come a long way. It is not limited to farming and animal husbandry. There are many other subjects and one who is interested in getting into the field of agriculture can choose to specialize in any one.

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