A Visit to A Zoo Essay in English for Students

A Visit to A Zoo Essay

Last Sunday, I visited the zoo with my friends. First, we visited the bird cages. We saw parrots, sparrows, pigeons, peacocks, eagles and vultures. Then we saw cages of wild animals, such as lions, tigers and leopards.

A tiger was pacing up and down restlessly. He often roared with anger. The tiger cubs used to play in their cage. We saw Deer Park, where only deer were kept. We also saw bears, zebras, giraffes, a hippo and a rhinoceros.

We went to a huge enclosure where the elephants were. We gave some bananas to the baby elephant. We enjoyed seeing the monkeys. We saw snakes, pythons and cobras.

We also saw beautiful swans and ducks in the pond. The crocodiles lay lazily and happily near the water. We had a lot of fun at the zoo. In the evening, we came back home happily after enjoying a beautiful zoo trip

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